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DermaFrac™ is a gentle skin care procedure that helps to smooth lines, wrinkles, and surface-level roughness. At Rejuvenate Skin & Wellness Center in Federal Way, Washington, Shaista Quddusi, MD, and Irfan Ansari, MD,specialize in skin care and can help you customize your DermaFrac treatment. To learn more about DermaFrac and its benefits, book an appointment by phone or online today.

Derma Frac Q&A

What is DermaFrac™?

DermaFrac is a microneedling procedure that stimulates skin improvement. Instead of creating many micro injuries in your skin’s surface to prepare it for a topical infusion, DermaFrac’s patented technology delivers beneficial products and substances directly into your skin as it performs the microneedling aspect. 

The DermaFrac procedure is gentle enough that you won’t need anesthesia, and there is no risk for sensitive skin types. Additionally, the team can safely treat any skin tone using DermaFrac. During your consultation, they can help you decide if your procedure will include:

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in your skin, joints, eyes, and other parts of your body to provide lubrication or moisture. By infusing it into your skin, you can fight dryness and wrinkling.

Peptide growth factors

Peptide growth factors are naturally occuring proteins that help your tissues produce collagen. Infusing them in your DermaFrac treatment helps minimize signs of aging on your skin. 

Kogic acid

Kogic acid is also used alongside Dermafrac for lightening skin pigmentation. This can be used on any skin type to help brighten skin tone and decrease discoloration. 

What are the benefits of DermaFrac?

DermaFrac benefits your skin in a number of ways. The gentle microneedling alone helps stimulate cell turnover and tissue regeneration, and the products you infuse during the treatment, like hyaluronic acid and peptide growth factors, encourage skin enhancement from within. 

The main benefit of DermaFrac treatments is improved skin texture. Whether you struggle with fine lines, wrinkles, or general roughness on the surface, DermaFrac can make your skin smoother and more youthful in the way it looks and feels.

If scarring is your main issue, DermFrac is not your best choice for treatment. Instead, the team usually recommends a regular microneedling treatment with or without or hyaluronic acid. 

How should I prepare for DermaFrac?

Preparing for a gentle treatment like DermaFrac is simple. As with any course of treatment, you should attend a brief consultation at Rejuvenate Skin & Wellness Center to go over your goals and discuss the health of your skin. During this consultation, the team helps you decide which infusions to use with DermaFrac. 

For additional preparation, the team might recommend:

  • Arriving with clean skin
  • Setting aside about 30 minutes for your treatment
  • Stopping the use of certain products for 72 hours 
  • Avoid sunburns

The team might recommend getting more than one DermaFrac procedure in a series of sessions for the best possible results. 

For answers to all of your questions about DermaFrac, call Rejuvenate Skin & Wellness Center, or book a consultation online today.